Welcome! Here’s a fucked up little  place where a few caged thoughts are set free.  Occasionally, it’s funny here,  and I’m hoping that that’s the common thread in these posts.  I’ll give you an unhealthy dose of some other shit, too.

I can be offensive.  I overuse punctuation, especially commas.  I can be unreasonable, reactive, and emotional, and I’m sure to make you feel a little uncomfortable.  For that, I’m sorry, in advance.

You’re inside the mind of a woman who was described as “very high-functioning“.  You know what that means, right? It means, “We can’t believe you turned out so well, given all that.”  (Thank you.  I think?)

Well, “all that” didn’t just un-happen one day.  “All that” is pretty heavy sometimes, kind of mean, but a lot funny, too. I made a decision to share some of me with anyone.   It makes me the sarcastic wise-ass that I am, and allows me to share a good laugh even when shit gets yuck. I promise to be true to me, my voice, and only my experiences. I don’t pretend to be right, rational, or without an abundance of flaws.

I’m currently mothering-have been for a couple decades. I’m very hard to love. I over-commit, sleep very little, and make a lot of mistakes in life. I hurt feelings a lot, but I don’t always mean to.

If you’re offended easily, don’t like swear words, have an opinion about everything, find yourself correcting people or pointing out flaws in their opinion….do us all a favor and split now.  If you have a good sense of humor, have shit happen that you think no one would believe, and you appreciate how a fucked up mind processes every day situations…welcome.  Click on ‘Blog Posts’ above.

Heidi’s Tattoo by Midas at Cobra Custom, Plymouth, MA

Photo By Sarah J Photography


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